Closure Caps, Food, Medicine
We are a leading manufacturer of closures producing hundreds of sizes and styles for the healthcare, food and beverage, automotive, household chemical, and personal care markets.

Child Resistant

As a leader in child resistant closures we support healthcare, nutraceutical, personal care, and household chemical markets. We offer a full range of one-piece and two-piece designs, ranging from 18mm to 110 mm in diameter. We also offer bi-injection technology to enhance functionality and appearance of your closure. With multiple manufacturing sites, we ensure continuity of supply.

Continuous Thread

Our wide range of continuous thread closures covers the food, healthcare, vitamins, nutraceutical, and personal care markets. We offer a variety of height dimensions from shallow to deep skirt designs as well as smooth or domed closures – all in diameters ranging from 10mm to 120mm. Customized continuous thread closures or embossed options of our standard closures can be created to reinforce your brand identity. We also offer bi-injection technology to enhance functionality and appearance of your closure.

Cup and Spout Systems

We provide a variety of cup and spout systems, ranging from 38mm to 72mm in size. As a leader in the laundry care market, we have both lined and linerless systems for laundry care packaging.

Dispensing Closures

We have a broad range catalog of dispensing closures for the food, healthcare, and personal care markets. We offer over 400 finish flip top dispensers in 28mm to53mm sizes, with orifice options from .250” to over 1.0”. This range works effectively for condiments through tablets. In 410 finishes we offer 20mm – 28mm with orifices options from .0625” to .250”, perfect for household cleaners, soap, and hobby paint.

Tamper Evident Closures

For the beverage industry, we have a complete line of tamper evident closures from 26mm to 48mm that serve both cold and hot fill operations. For spirits, we have the most complete array of plastic tamper evident closures, including decorative sizes and printing options. We also produce a variety of tamper evident closures for the food, automotive, and industrial markets.

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